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Develop your capabilities on the laptop key-board with this fun and simple way of understanding how to contact enter in short time period at all. In a world where being computer-literate is almost necessary, any extra capabilities to help you glow above the profession competitors are a must, and outstanding key-board capabilities are extremely attractive many lines of perform.


Whatever industry you’re working in, in whatever part – from clerical and administration to supervisory and managing positions – key-board capabilities are required if you wish to get your job done easily, perfectly and expertly. With this course, not only will you see your writing rate clearly improve, but your writing perfection will enhance, too.

Cover Three Different Aspects

Sign up to this course and you will be able to make real developments in three places – the QWERTY key-board, the Number Keyboard and Individual Situation characters. Expert these three key expertise places and you will be able to show your key-board capabilities with pleasure.

Sort out the three models and you will considerably enhance your efficiency, with predicted results of in excess of 5000 key downturns per hour (kdph), once the 30 hours of QWERTY coaching is complete. A desired after expertise likely to make an impression on any employer!


This course would be perfect for beginner typists and anyone hoping to improve on their key-board capabilities, whether for the main advantage of their current job part or for upcoming profession ambitions. Qualified typists may also advantage from the course, due to the self-paced, created programs.

  • Regardless of what position in a business you hold, key-board capabilities are required, and this course will help you to enhance your capabilities considerably.
  • Get to holds with the Number Keyboard, and how to contact kind using the keypad easily and perfectly. Three workout is available in this device.
    Learn how to use higher and lower case on the QWERTY key-board, such as the use of the ‘Shift’ key, with the help of 29 different workouts.
  • Work your way through a variety of hands-on workouts which can help you apply your new-found knowledge to understand the laptop key-board and keypad with ease and perfection.
  • Master single case characters, which help you to show a high standard of contact writing without having to worry about the ‘Shift’ key. This device includes 26 workouts.


  1. Study on the internet at a speed you want with our web based course distribution. Resources are available 24/7, All year round.
  2. Course is legitimate for a full 12 months, so there’s no need to hurry. Take your efforts and effort (and take breaks!), and enhance your writing capabilities at your own comfort.
  3. Technical support is available if you run into difficulty using the courseware at any point.
  4. Scoring and monitoring tools help you to keep track of how you’re progressing and creatively see your writing rate and perfection enhance.
  5. Interactive writing instructors ensure you can enjoy self-paced coaching which is versatile and hands-on.
  6. Plenty of workouts to help you build on your key-board capabilities, such as 26 workouts in single case coaching.
  7. Gain the arrogance and ability required to kind with rate and perfection. You won’t have to look at your key-board to kind, ever again!
  8. Add a useful primary expertise to your CV and illustrate your new-found capabilities to upcoming companies, increasing your employability considerably.

Type your way to a more positive upcoming by joining this outstanding contact writing program, today!


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Study method

Online, self-paced


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