Traveling Long To Release Your Long-lasting Depression

Long-lasting Depression

Travel not for only to do business, to meet some, to visit a new place yet without any reason is a life experiencing contraption. Sometimes you feel boring of your life, you feel lonely in the rush of people then you have to decide to travel as much as you can without a reason. First try the taste of traveling, Travel on your foot from office to home or home to office without holding hand carry or stuff. You will feel a huge difference from your boring life even in a short travel and your rusty depression will be gone for a little time period. After a short term experience when your depression will be back then you will decide to leave the rush and will make a long traveling plan, to travel around the world, to release your depression for a long time. And this moment will become a very important and memorable moment of your life. Before your traveling, you have to remember some important things to enjoy yours traveling more.

First, remember, the most of the people of the world those you are going to visit are very friendly and welcoming. They will always welcome you to learn their cultures and they will assist you to fulfil your traveling needs and will help you in your troubles. They will try to host you in best way as they can.

Second, don’t be afraid of new places out of home. Most of the places of the world are safer than your own place because people care their visitors (foreigner) to earn respect for their own place. They never try to put you in trouble.

Third, you can travel as much as you can in your budget easily because you always try to find cheaper places to live that will cost you less than your own country or city. In your own place, you can never feel a fear of money shortening than in a foreign place, so you can easily manage you traveling expenses.

Fourth, don’t be afraid of your savings for traveling. It’s a life time opportunity you are going to avail may be first and also last time in your life. So, save money daily, weekly, monthly as you can easily do. If you want to enjoy your life in real sense then you have to make some scarifies to save money i.e. don’t drink on weekends, don’t buy costly beers and food, eat simple food, don’t buy costly electronics (cell, laptop etc.).

Fifth, when you have decided to travel, try to carry fewer things in your luggage with you as you can. Remember, you should have to carry the usable accessories with you i.e. if you are going to visit a cold place, just carry cold clothes in back-packing with a cold sport kit only to enjoy sport.

Last but not the least, Remember, you are a ‘traveller’ yet not a ‘tourist’, try to stay at places as long as you can to understand their local cultures. You are an observer yet not a buyer!

Producing Einsteins with ‘Chalks’ in Technological Era

Technological EraWhen we were kids, before the technology, we used to study only through our teachers’ help. The teacher were the books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, researches and even we watched them as presenters. What they taught or said we believe that was the truth blindly. Although, the time was precious and valuable and we made many thinkers, philosophers and great scientists without the help of technology yet many precious things were discovered without reasoning. For example, while scientific experiments we were told about the changes in chemistry without experiments and we believed. They told about unbelievable reversible and irreversible changes only through their verbal knowledge. But now, the time has been changed. The pupils ask us how could it be happened and we just laugh at their innocent questions. They pupils know more than teachers in the modern technological era. The question is how they would they know more than us and why?

We know the answer!

But we don’t want to accept it even in the modern kids’ era because we are the classical teachers. We don’t want to change ourselves. We don’t want to believe on the changings and the modernization. We don’t want to let them our teachers. Hence, we don’t want to learn more than that we have. Even in the modern PowerPoint era we still want to stay with ‘chalks’ to write and fell proud to write with chalks. For example, last Friday, I was invited by an institution for an interview and they asked me to show some abilities to teach. I asked them to provide me a board-maker to write on the whiteboard. They simply replied that they didn’thad‘white-boards’ yet ‘black board’ and ‘chalks’. They rejected white-board and technological teacher saying that “A teacher should be a teacher with ‘chalks’ and whitish hands”.

The students who are learning in that type of environment how would become modern technicians, scientists, thinkers or doctors. How would they deal with modern discoveries? How would they operate their patients without any modern machines? How would they think like google? And how would they deal with plagiarism in their researches? They would pass the exam through cramming yet they are… Hence, in their professional jobs, they would become thieves and cheaters to technology.

The above explanation would be an over exaggeration on the present scenario yet I think if we want to make progress in any field of life, we have to believe on modern technology. We have to make our modern kids technological scientists, experienced and knowledgeable researchers, technical doctors and most importantly googlic thinkers. Although, we love our traditions and don’t want to leave ‘chalks’ and ‘black-boards’ yet we have to modernize our education system according to modern needs . We have to believe on our modern tabulation generation positively.

Appreciate Beauty and Stay Beautiful

Appreciate Beauty and Stay Beautiful
Appreciate Beauty and Stay Beautiful

The exterior look of any object/human that attracts towards itself or provides perceptual pleasure to human mind is called the beauty of that object/human. By definition, ‘beauty’ varies culture to culture or mind to mind and contradicts culturally or geographically. Sometimes, things are considered ‘beautiful’ in one geographical region, not in another yet sometimes are accepted universally. Although, beauty is a subjective subject “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” yet is not accepted without perfection generally. In some regions, it is considered as sexual attractiveness yet in another is pleasantness and sometimes both conditions would be apply alternatively.

It is being studied as a discipline, philosophical “Aesthetics” that deals in many fields of life like art, taste etc. and scholars appreciates it in the field as “”critical reflection on art, culture and nature.” Sometimes it imitates through the thoughts, judgements or sentiments of the appreciator’s senses. Although, beauty is person’s personal perception or subjective yet many people often appreciate it through the others’ thoughts about it i.e. what a critical thinker thinks about beauty would become universal phenomena about it as “the Cubist aesthetic”. In early modern era, philosopher was considered beauty as appreciation of art and they appreciate art through its beauty but now, in the modern era, the concept of beauty has been changed.

In a research, done in America, the researchers believe that the people who have more intelligence also have more physical beauty (“Physical attractiveness”) and it is more common in men than women. For example, from their researches, the men who holds taller and slim/fit body are more attractive than others and are considered ‘bee catcher’ in the society. The men like the women of low age because of their physical fitness and their body features i.e. for men, the women should have gigantic breasts, zero figure size, attractive juicy lips, and bold hips to attract towards them. On the other hand, women like the men who have taller height with muscles/biceps and holder waists.

Now a days, we judge beauty of anything through its external impression. We see others’ physical appearance and comment about them. Often, we make our mind about beauty from the physical appearance of the persons and the impression of the person imprinted on our mind as beautiful or not. But actually, we appreciates our own mind through others’ weaker or stronger features and try to do comparison between ours and others. And it is the real fact that won’t be rejected! And maybe it is inhuman also.

So, beauty is a natural phenomenon, as we consider flowers as the creature of nature therefore we appreciate them and percept their beauty and accept them as they are. In any way you and others are beautiful like the other creations of nature. Appreciate others as they are as you appreciate other natural objects of the universe. Even If, sometimes, you feel you are less beautiful than others, see downward, there are many people who are thinking about you that you are more beautiful than them. The twister is easy to understand, just stay, think calm, and accept the things with open heart and you can easily win the bet for yourself.